Date: 11/9/17 8:25 am
From: Jeff Parks <lastimout...>
Subject: [cobirds] Yard birds this morning


I have my feeder up, and there is a regular bunch of birds that visit.
There is a family of Blue Jays in the neighborhood, there are usually two
or three that visit on a daily basis. House Finches, Black Capped
Chickadees and House Sparrows are pretty common, as well as a flock of
Dark-Eyed Juncos. The Junco flock mix changes from time to time, but I
regularly see all four of the common ones - Pink Sided, Oregon, Grey Headed
and Slate Colored. This morning, I was surprised to see a White-Winged
Junco in the mix! I had to look twice to make sure, and when it flew, it
had larger white tail edges than the rest of them. Yes! New Yard Bird! A
Mountain Chickadee has been here for about a week, and I saw a
White-Crowned Sparrow in the mix with the other Sparrows as well. I
thought I saw an American Tree Sparrow, but didn't get a good enough look
at that one to be sure.

good birding -

Jeff Parks

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