Date: 11/9/17 7:40 am
From: Lawrence Gardella <lgardellabirds...> [albirds] <albirds-noreply...>
Subject: [ALBIRDS] Watching the Bay from Bayfront Park/Village Point Preserve Park in Daphne
A quick check of weather apps suggested that I might have a few hours to
bird before the rain this morning. Before I left the driveway, however,
the rain started. It was very light when I got out with my umbrella and
started walking from the parking lot off Main Street down to the Bay. It
picked up, and my only sensible birding option was to go onto the Harbor
Place pavilion and watch the Bay from there. It proved to be a very good
option. [Note that the pavilion is reserved for Harbor Place residents and
their guests.]

Between a bit before 7 and a bit after 8 I saw 6 Common Loons, 33 Brown
Pelicans, 137 Laughing Gulls, 11 Forster's Terns, 6 Royal Terns and 8 Tree
Swallows all flying north up the Bay. Most of the 22 Double-crested
Cormorants and the vast majority of the 70 Black-bellied Plovers were also
flying north, but there were isolated cormorants flying south and one group
of approximately 20 Black-bellied Plovers flying south while the others
were all going north.

A Horned Grebe, at least 2 Ospreys and one Bald Eagle remained in the
general area, as did the few landbirds I recorded.

The only species I only detected traveling south was Black Scoter. There
was one group of four.

The rain surely affected the movement over the Bay. In good weather, I
have seen hundreds of Tree Swallows arriving from the north (roosting sites
in the Delta?) in the morning and flying north in the late afternoon. Most
of the early movement of other species over the Bay appears to be northward
in the morning, however.

Larry Gardella
Daphne, AL

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