Date: 11/9/17 7:35 am
From: Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Hummingbird
Hi Jersey Birders,
I just found a hummer in my garden.
Ruby-throat is still the default hummer but it demonstrated some
Black-chinned GISS.
It was flicking it's tail like crazy.
It's definitely Archilochus.
I've posted some pics to Flickr.
Note the broad, well rounded P-10. I also do not see and emarginations on
the inner primaries.
A full wing profile shot will help with this ID. It might have left as I
have not seen it since the pics were taken. But, it may just have spooked
from me being out there chasing it.
good Birding
Harvey Tomlinson
Del Haven NJ

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