Date: 11/8/17 2:22 pm
From: Herb and Sarah Myers <hesemyers...>
Subject: Fall-out
There may have been a mini-fallout in Canaan Valley this morning. On my way
to the refuge visitor center, I saw a yellowlegs actively feeding on a pond
along Route 32 in the state park. It was pretty far away and I didn't have
my scope. I think it was a Greater Yellowlegs by the length of its bill but
couldn't see well.

In the horse pasture along Freeland Road, there were at least 75 Killdeer.
Mixed in with them were three sandpipers. Again they were too far away for
good identification. On my blurry photo, one appears to be a Pectoral

In the meadow across from the refuge boardwalk, there were at least 10
Eastern Meadowlarks.

Tomorrow I'll try to check them out with my scope on my free day if they
are still present. Herb Myers, Harman, Randolph County
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