Date: 11/8/17 9:40 am
From: Tracee Clapper (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: I've heard White-crowned Sparrows are uncommon in the Lowcountry
Hi fellow birders:

I haven't noticed much sharing of information from SC, so I thought I'd
throw in my most recent birding story. I work in North Charleston, near a
railroad track. Lots of fence line with scrubby brush that's perfect for
sparrows. I've been waiting for them to start showing up. Yesterday, I
caught glimpses of one as I was heading out for a meeting and made notes.
After work, I headed to the other side of the fence, where the tracks run.
On Monday, I'd seen several Yellow-rumped Warblers hanging out there and in
some other trees further away. Yesterday, I thought I was watching Chipping
Sparrows. I made notes, thinking I would never get a picture. I don't have
a camera, just my iPhone se. I've been practicing taking shots of birds
with the phone held over the binocular lenses. It's truly an act of
patience and determination, and luck of the draw on whether or not the
birds will cooperate. :)

I actually got a pretty good shot of the sparrow and studied it with my
notes. I determined it was a Chipping Sparrow, but posted on What's this
Bird on Facebook for id confirmation. My mistake seems to be that the crown
is not solid, but has rufous on either side of a buffy crown. I sent the
picture to several local birders and we've decided it is indeed an immature
White-crowned Sparrow.

​including a link to my dropbox if anyone would like to view
the picture. Please chime in if you disagree. I have no problem with it
actually being a Chipping. :)

Peace & Light,

Tracee Clapper
Charleston, SC

843-425-7630 <(843)%20425-7630>

~Tracee 843/425-7630

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