Date: 11/8/17 8:13 am
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Subject: [NEBirds] White-winged Scoter, Long-tailed Duck in Rock County
Drove from Bassett to Kearney yesterday. Stopped at Twin Lakes WMA in Rock County, where I found a White-winged Scoter and a Long-tailed Duck.

The scoter was on the northern of the two lakes; I saw it from the road. It didn't come terribly close to the shore, but I was able to identify it through binoculars, and get a tolerably good look through the scope. Mostly black bird, large thick dark bill, two diffuse, roughly circular whitish patches on the face: one at the base of the bill, one farther back. White in wing not generally visible, but occasionally the bird adjusted its wing and showed a bit of white; at one point, it opened its wings and showed lots of white in the secondaries.

The Long-tailed Duck was near the boat ramp at the north end of the southern lake, repeatedly diving in the bay formed by the boat ramp and the marshy west bank, near a Ruddy Duck. About the same size as the Ruddy, or perhaps a bit larger. Dirty blacks and whites; I didn't see any other colors, though the light was not good. Large and somewhat diffuse dark patch on the side of the head, toward the point where the head joined the neck. Bill dull light gray with a blackish tip. Wings mostly blackish, but there may have been some white. No long rectrices. Crown whitish.

An eBird report, with pretty bad photos of the two birds, is at

William Flack

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