Date: 11/8/17 7:05 am
From: Andrew Baksh <birdingdude...>
Subject: PSA for Corn Crake twitchers
I just received word that police cleared the median and the bird is only viewable via drive by. Not sure if this will change once the crowd subsides.

LI, birder Dave Klauber also posted suggested parking options to the NYS list serve, which I have posted below.

"Parking is technically illegal along the Ocean Parkway, and in the morning there are many cars traveling to work along it. Many parked cars are bound to eventually cause the police to chase people away, especially during rush hour.
A close suggested parking spot is nearby Overlook Beach, just east of Cedar Beach on the ocean (south side) of the parkway. From there it's a 5-10 minute walk east. Also, although the bird tolerated fast moving cars, it was very skittish if it detected people or cars stopping next to it.
For those not familiar with the area this is about a 15 minute drive east of the Jones Beach water tower, in Suffolk County. Congrats again to the Feustels for a great find and timely post."

As if you needed motivation. A Say's Phoebe was reported this AM from nearby Heckscher State Park. See NYS list for details.


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