Date: 11/8/17 1:05 am
From: Fred Vir <avtrader...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Corn Crake Fire Island NY OT
My arrival was timely for this rare bird on the north, grass border of
west bound Ocean Parkway. It was last sighted at 444 PM during fading
light.  For me it was in view  from 425 PM to 444 PM. Another viewer saw
it catch and eat a worm; the bird appeared healthy, alert and skittish
(but not of cars wizzing by at 65 mph 15 feet away).

I continued to watch the area until 510 to see if there was any
nocturnal activity but the showers got worse; the bird did not show again.

I placed a 5 foot long twisting log/branch on the south grass border
pointing N to where the bird was seen last. Note that the bird was
mainly foraging eastward over the last hour it was seen, covering a
distance of ~ 80 yards; it may continue this eastward movement.

At 5 PM winds were from the NNE at about 12 mph or more, showers

Others pixs:

from others:

Parking (and even walking) on the Ocean Parkway is not permitted, although enforcement of these rules varies a great deal.

I suggest parking at the Overlook Beach parking lot on the ocean side, then walking a short distance east along the parkway and crossing at the turn-around labeled "Cedar Beach Marina"

From the west, take the Meadowbrook or the Wantagh south to the Ocean Parkway then head east.

Fred Virrazzi
Secaucus NJ

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