Date: 11/7/17 8:20 pm
From: Dianne & Steve Kinder <000000023c9fba03-dmarc-request...>
Subject: More Crossbills Livingston Co.
I observed a small flock of 4-5 Red Crossbills today at Poosey CA, NW Livingston Co. They kind of found me actually. I was walking next to the Pine Grove where I used to find Long-eared Owls. The trees have matured and partly died back, so no Owls anymore. Saw few cones on the trees so didn't expect any Crossbills either but they flew in next to where I was at and started feeding on the cones that were there. Nice!   I had stopped at the Thompson River WRP wetland on the way where I was surprised to find an adult Chipping Sparrow still around, along with Song, Swamp, Savannah, White-throated, White-crowned, Fox, Many American Tree Sparrows, and DE Juncos. Three Greater Yellowlegs still there also, and 4 LB Dowitchers, and several Wilson's Snipe.
Later,Steve <Kinderdmkinder...>

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