Date: 11/7/17 6:13 pm
From: Mike Unger <unger730...>
Subject: [obol] North Marion County Raptor Run
*To all birders interested in Raptor Runs*.

Today Ken Karnosh, Carolyn Homan and myself from Salem Audubon Society, did
our first run for this year, in support of the ECAS North Marion County
Raptor Run. It includes 105-106 miles of roads from I-5 travel, over to
Donald, westerly to navigate through and by many farms, including
perennial rye grass, hop fields, kale, pumpkin and squash, blueberry, and
even the Rose Nursery farm that buttresses the Willamette, with opportunity
for Bald Eagle. In the past Davidson Rd and Vachter Road have been stellar
sighting spots for Northern Harrier and buteo numbers.

Today we found many changes in agriculture with more hop farm plantings
intersecting what used to be extensive uninterrupted fields. Also many new
plantings of filbert trees in what were perennial grass fields.

*Here are the species results: *

Red-tail Hawks - 43

American Kestrel - 39

Northern Harrier - 1, harassing a Prairie Falcon flying and then
perching for good view and ultimately flying away

Prairie Falcon 1. Vachter Rd

Peregrine Falcon - 2, one on Champoeg Rd, one on Keene Rd

Passerine sightings that were incidental included, a flock of American
Pipits, and a flock of Western Meadowlark in far distant field of Duck Inn

A great birding day.

Barbara Dolan

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