Date: 11/7/17 2:33 pm
From: Karenne Snow <njwren46...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Curlew Sandpipers
And thanks to Harvey for posting his sightings, his adventures with birds,
his questions and musings.

I don't use ebird and I won't use facebook so JerseyBirds and the
Burlington county emails are my major sources of bird news locally. My
local patches offer great birding but I travel around the state, too.

Thanks to all who post - regularly or not!


On Nov 7, 2017 4:52 PM, "Harvey Tomlinson" <oddbirdsin...> wrote:

> Hi Jersey Birders,
> I am happy to report that there were at least 2 Curlew Sandpipers ( CUSA )
> reported this year at Brig.
> I received emails from no less than 6 folks reporting CUSA this past May
> I was informed that photos were loaded into eBird but there is no
> confirmation of those birds.
> I also saw some pics of CUSA at Brig that may have hit a face book page,
> maybe whats the deal ?
> eBird confirmations aside( another topic in itself), have we finally gotten
> to the point that there are too many social media outlets that don't
> "speak" to one another?
> I know not everyone uses eBird.
> I do not surf all the face book pages
> This is why JerseyBirds still has a big reason to continue.
> We get to hear the story and know about the sighting.
> It's been around for years and everyone who responded to my request reads
> it.
> I believe there are over 750 members and yet only a few daily reports
> This past week there was a Hudsonian Godwit at Brig.
> Because it doesn't "trip" the filters in eBird it didnt show on a daily
> report and no one posted it to JBirds.
> HudWit is an excellent bird that shouldn't go unreported.
> Curlew is even better and yet it took a Post to JBirds to garner this info.
> Wow...not sure what to say.
> Maybe I'm the dumb one here.....
> Thanks to all who responded to my request.
> Thanks to all who read JBirds and admit to it!!!!
> Thanks to all who post to JBirds with their sightings. Rare or otherwise
> Good Reporting
> Harvey Tomlinson
> In the Dark, NJ
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