Date: 11/7/17 1:52 pm
From: Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Curlew Sandpipers
Hi Jersey Birders,
I am happy to report that there were at least 2 Curlew Sandpipers ( CUSA )
reported this year at Brig.
I received emails from no less than 6 folks reporting CUSA this past May
I was informed that photos were loaded into eBird but there is no
confirmation of those birds.
I also saw some pics of CUSA at Brig that may have hit a face book page,
maybe whats the deal ?
eBird confirmations aside( another topic in itself), have we finally gotten
to the point that there are too many social media outlets that don't
"speak" to one another?
I know not everyone uses eBird.
I do not surf all the face book pages
This is why JerseyBirds still has a big reason to continue.
We get to hear the story and know about the sighting.
It's been around for years and everyone who responded to my request reads
I believe there are over 750 members and yet only a few daily reports
This past week there was a Hudsonian Godwit at Brig.
Because it doesn't "trip" the filters in eBird it didnt show on a daily
report and no one posted it to JBirds.
HudWit is an excellent bird that shouldn't go unreported.
Curlew is even better and yet it took a Post to JBirds to garner this info.
Wow...not sure what to say.
Maybe I'm the dumb one here.....
Thanks to all who responded to my request.
Thanks to all who read JBirds and admit to it!!!!
Thanks to all who post to JBirds with their sightings. Rare or otherwise
Good Reporting
Harvey Tomlinson
In the Dark, NJ

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