Date: 11/7/17 1:16 pm
From: Russ Allison <grounds11...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Celery Bog
It was a cold ,windy cloudy day at the Celery Bog. Not a lot of activity in
the woody part of the area. Leaves have fallen from the trees making it
easier to see the tree tops. There were a few ducks on the water area.

I didn't see the American white Pelican today. I found a few new Duck
species. I was there from 10:00 am to 1:30pm. I saw about (5) other people
in that time.

Birds seen today:

American Coot--150est.

Ring necked Duck--10


Canada Goose--100

Pied billed Grebe--20+ mostly on the North end of the area

Mallard--40 probably more than that.

Northern Pintail--1--lone bird with head tucked in out of the cold. Near the
south viewing deck.


Northern Shoveler--20--all in one group, busy feeding

Mute Swan--4--2 with heads tucked in on the North end of area. 2 feeding on
South end of area

Green winged Teal--6

American Wigeon--2

Great blue Heron--2--they looked very cold

Cooper's Hawk--1

Red tailed Hawk--1

Northern Cardinal--2

Carolina Chickadee--2

American Goldfinch--4

Blue Jay--2

Dark eyed Junco--20-

Belted Kingfisher--1

Golden crowned Kinglet--3--were very close ,and busy, checking for seed or

American Robin--6

House Sparrow--10

Song Sparrow--1

Northern Flicker--1

Downy Woodpecker--6-got very close to them. they were very busy checking
tree bark

Good birding

Russ Allison ,West Lafayette

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