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Subject: [NEBirds] Scoter triumvirate at BOL on November 6.
Large numbers of waterfowl at Branched Oak Lake in calm conditions,
with a chilly wind from the east. As indicated by Joel in his posting, there
were large numbers of waterfowl present when I arrived at 12:45 p.m. Most
of the waterfowl were positioned in the south arm. My first sightings
were the 2 black scoters with a small group of ruddy ducks mostly isolated
from the large flock; however, 1/4th of the scan through the larger raft of
duck, going from east to west, a boater ripped through the flock, scattering
them in all directions. The black scoters were female types with black cap
and pale cheeks and dark black bodies. They were easily picked out from
the ruddy ducks. Once the large flock was dispersed and then settled down
across a large swath of the south part of the lake, I found a surf scoter. I
headed to Lieber's Point later in the afternoon. I did not see any
waterfowl 180 degrees off Lieber's Point, despite several scans. Late in the
afternoon I was headed to "Gull Beach" where at least 1000 gulls were
assembled. A red-tailed hawk flew over dispersing the gulls which then landed in
the middle of the lake south of the marina. It was here that I found the
four scoters (3 white-winged and 1 surf) that Joel saw earlier. Ebird
report to follow in a few days.

Good birding!
Larry Einemann
Lincoln, NEbraska

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I did a reservoir circuit today around Lincoln. Lots of waterfowl moving
through right now. Highlights:

Memphis Lake WMA
2 Greater Yellowlegs

Yutan SL
single Red Crossbill flyover

Lake Wanahoo
19 Red-breasted Mergansers

Branched Oak Lake
4 White-winged Scoters (3 off Lieber's with a Surf, the other in the south
3 Surf Scoters (1 with WWSCs off Lieber's, 2 in south branch)
21 Red-breasted Mergansers
3 Common Loons
1 Western Grebe
53 Horned Grebes

Conestoga Lake
2 Dunlins

Wagon Train Lake
1 White-winged Scoter

eBird, full checklists can be found at

Boaters at both Branched Oak and Pawnee were kicking up birds which was

Good birding


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