Date: 11/6/17 8:13 pm
From: Dianne & Steve Kinder <000000023c9fba03-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Linn & Chariton Co. Mo.
I went over to Pershing SP to see what was around the Pines today. Very quiet this morning at 8:30 in contrast to last week? Went down and walked around the east Zell tract for awhile. Not much happening there either, so back to the Pines about 10:30. Couple of Red-breasted Nuthatches, but NADA on the Crossbills.
  Decided to head for Swan Lake NWR. Drove west on Kaye road on the way and had FOS Rough-legged Hawk. On to Swan Lake where I spotted 2 FOS Trumpeter Swans from main entrance road to the Visitor Center.Flock of 100 + White Pelicans flying over. Lots of Ducks, but most way out. Thousand plus Snow Geese on Silver Lake along with 150 Greater White-fronts, and many 1000's more Ducks, again most long distance.Silver Lake can only be viewed by the public from Taylor Point on the north end off Blacktop E. as the interior of the refuge is closed until March.
   Stopped back at Pershing on the way home around 3 p.m. Still not much activity at the Pine Grove by the Archery Range - Office/Shop area. I then went on up to the road to the Camp Ground area. The few Pines there are LOADED with cones. First nothing doing, then suddenly a flock of 50 Red Crossbills came flying in. I thought they would stop at the Pines I was watching but they went on by towards the Oaks north of the restrooms. A couple minutes later though 35 came back and flew south towards the larger group of Pines. Then the other 15 came back and started feeding in the Pines where I was. Persistence often pays off!!
Later,Steve KinderChillicothe, Livingston <Co.dmkinder...>

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