Date: 11/6/17 5:37 pm
From: Brad Jackson <in-bird-l...>
Subject: Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Red Crossbills Nov 3 - Type 2, 3, and 4
After listening to the vocalizations of the types, I believe the flight song I heard at Camp Tecumseh this week was Type II, unkinked. The birds were in red pines, and not long after I first saw the flock, the birds flew to another group of pines beyond the horse corral, and then flew off the property. To my knowledge, they did not return. I heard the flight call as they were over the corral.
Brad Jackson

On Monday, November 6, 2017 5:41 PM, Don Gorney <in-bird-l...> wrote:

On November 3, Becky Heck and I visited Dunes State Park specifically for the Red Crossbills while we were at the lakefront.  We had a minimum of 62 birds at the parking lot east of the gatehouse. I managed to get two recordings that were very poor in quality. 

I heard from Matt Young today about the recordings. He said the first recording at the linked checklist below contains Type 2, 3, and 4 birds.  The second recording is inconclusive as to the types of Red Crossbills. An overview of Red Crossbill types is as

My checklist from Nov 3.
Don Gorney
Indianapolis, IN
dongorney AT

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