Date: 11/6/17 5:00 pm
From: John & Wendy Cassady <jcassady...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Lakefront 11/6 Red-necked Grebe, Iceland Gull
Today at Miller Beach, Lake County, a large group of birders conducted a lakewatch from the Marquette Park "Concession Stand."Highlights included Tundra Swans, all three scoters, Long-tailed Ducks, and Iceland Gull.  Matt Beatty located a juvenile Red-necked Grebe at the Port of Indiana, and Ryan Sanderson had Red Crossbills near the entrance gate at Ind. Dunes State Park.
Miller Beach:Tundra Swan 3Am. Black Duck 9Mallard 89N. Pintail 1Green-winged Teal 70Canvasback 3Redhead 19Ring-necked Duck 24Common Goldeneye 6Bufflehead 46Greater Scaup 133Lesser Scaup 420Surf Scoter 8White-winged Scoter 42 (including an adult male)Black Scoter 6"dark-winged scoter" 8Long-tailed Duck 9Hooded Merganser 20Common Merganser 5Red-breasted Merganser 659Common Loon 263Red-throated Loon 9Horned Grebe 9DC Cormorant 6Bald Eagle 2 (ad & 1st)Red-tailed Hawk 1Sanderling 10Dunlin 1Ring-billed Gull 90Herring Gull 32Bonaparte's Gull 268Iceland Gull 1 (2nd cycle "Thayer's type")Downy Woodpecker 1E. Phoebe 1E. Bluebird 1Palm Warbler 1Dark-eyed Junco 4Am. Tree Sparrow 1Snow Bunting 64
West Beach:Peregrine Falcon 1Red-tailed Hawk 1Cedar Waxwing 20E. Bluebird 1Horned Lark 1Am. Tree Sparrow 2
Port of Indiana:Red-necked Grebe 1 (juvenile)Horned Grebe 2Common Loon 4Red-breasted Merganser 8

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