Date: 11/6/17 1:26 pm
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Subject: RE: [NBB] Re: Rock Sandpiper off Bodega Head
The ROCK SANDPIPER was still present at 11 am, roosting in with 55 surfbirds
on the closest rock. Easy to pick out even when it has its head tucked in,
because it is slightly smaller than the nearby Black Turnstones and has gray

The TROPICAL KINGBIRD was still at Owl Canyon just after 11 am, but while I
was watching it, flew off to the cypress trees at the entrance to Bodega
Marine Lab, then flew off to the northeast.

I had a female LESSER NIGHTHAWK fly across Highway 1 in front of me right
near the entrance to Goat Rock State Park. Obvious nightjar with small,
buffy wingbars close to the wingtips.

Jeff Miller

Russian River

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Subject: [NBB] Re: Rock Sandpiper off Bodega Head

At 9:15 the Rock Sandpiper is present at Bodega Head with Surfbirds.

Denise Herzberg
Bodega Bay
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