Date: 11/6/17 5:45 am
From: Bob Elser <navman9...>
Subject: Cooper's Hawk vs Sharp-shinned Hawk
Can anyone tell me how to make a positive ID to distinguish between a
Cooper's Hawk and Sharp-shinned Hawk when they are perched?  I had one
sitting on top of my feeder yesterday.  I would say that the length of
the body of the bird was about 11-12" and the length of the tail was 6"
based on the dimensions of the feeder on which it was perched.  The
outer tail feathers looked as if they might have been a little bit
shorter than the central feathers.  Of course, it flew away when I was
looking elsewhere so I couldn't make an observation of the tail when the
bird was in flight.

After a summer of seeing only House Finches and Goldfinches, we have
begun to see Purple Finches at our feeders.  One even perched on my suet
feeder and fed there for a few minutes.  Although it may be that I have
just not been watching at the correct times, it seems that we have not
had Purple Finches for at least several years.  Has anyone else made
that observation?

Bob Elser

York, PA
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