Date: 11/5/17 10:17 pm
From: <lbechtler...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Is this a White-Throated Sparrow?

I saw this bird today at Sem Lane in Redwood Shores. I've changed my mind on the ID several times, so I could use some input. I'd like to think it is a youngish tan-striped White-Throated Sparrow, based on the yellow lores, little to no yellow in the center of the crown, whitish throat, angle of the crown stripes where they meet the bill (as in being separated and not merging above the bill), and hint of a developing eyestripe.

However, I also thought it could just be wishful thinking, and that it is simply a Golden-Crowned Sparrow. That eyestripe is pretty faint, the whitish throat isn't all that strong in certain light and doesn't have much dark border to speak of, and that streaked crown looks more like photos I've seen of juvenile Golden-Crowned rather than White-Throated.

There are 6 photos ... the bird was very unafraid. Here are links to the first two.


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