Date: 11/5/17 8:55 pm
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Subject: IBET Re: Rock Island County gulls
Late Sunday, I didn't see any of the bigger gulls (even very few Herrings present) here, but there were plenty of Ring-bills, along with 1st winter Franklin's Gull perched on the dock with them. Soon after, 7 more Franklin's came in from downriver, but were soon driven away by a fisherman boat who drove right up to the docks. The original Franklin's did come back to sit on the docks with the RB's.

This is nice overlook to gulls on the dock, very close as well, worth a short visit if you're driving in the area. Thanks to Steve for introducing this location.

Eric Walters
Grandview, MO/Zion, IL

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This afternoon at Schiebert Park on the riverfront in Rock Island there was an adult California Gull. There was also one first year Iceland Gull and two first year Thayer’s type Gulls. All these birds were present when I left and viewed very close range.
I’ll post photos on eBird later probably tomorrow.
Steve Freed
Rock Island County

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