Date: 11/5/17 7:51 pm
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: November eBird challenge
Hello PABirders:

This month's Challenge is simple: submit 3 checklists a day. The more
days you generate 3 checklists the more chances to win. In addition
every eligible checklist submitted this month gives you a chance to get
free access to the Cornell Lab's Bird Academy online course “Be a Better
Birder: Duck and waterfowl identification”.

One of Cornell Lab's goals with these Challenges is to make better
birders who can provide better information to their data base. This is
in contrast to our natural tendency to make us better listers. eBirders
who are concerned with their numbers have lots of metrics automatically
provided to them in their My eBird account. This month's Challenge is a
simple way of getting us to think about how we could alter our tendency
to lump all of our sightings into a single checklist. Reasons for
starting a new checklist are:


entering a new habitat


exceeding 5 miles on a traveling count


exceeding 30 meters on a stationary count (or converting to
traveling count)


creating a string of 5 minute point counts along a road or trail, a
minimum of 0.5 miles apart


creating area counts of at least 20 minutes each


creating an incidental count when birding is not your primary purpose

For further information read “How to Make Your Checklists More Valuable”
in the “Building Your eBird Skills” Help section.

Good birding,

Chuck Berthoud, York, PA

and Annette Mathes, Harrisburg, PA
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