Date: 11/5/17 6:29 pm
From: Thomas W. Reed <coturnicops...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Cape May, 5 Nov - Yellow-billed Cuckoo, scoter migration
A relatively quiet day for landbird migration, though diversity was again
quite high for early-November. At least 130 species were detected at Cape
Island-- some of the more notable included single Yellow-billed Cuckoos at
the Rea Farm and Cape May Pt. State Park, 2 Indigo Buntings and 1-2
Dickcissels flying around Cape May Pt. during the early-AM, a continuing
Redhead at the South Cape May Meadows, and a Chimney Swift over Cape May
Pt. during the late afternoon. The 23 Osprey counted at the hawkwatch made
for the highest single-day total in November since 1997.

Another excellent waterbird flight spanned the entire day at Avalon, with
32,000 more individuals added to the season total. Both Surf and Black
scoters exceeded the 10,000-mark today. As always, site totals (updated
continually through the day) can be found here: and here:

Some of this movement was also evident at Cape May Pt., where there was
additionally a light but steady "exit flight" out of Delaware Bay first
thing in the morning-- presumably created by a combination of overnight
rain, east winds, and a rising tide during the early-AM. This outbound
flight included 9 Parasitic Jaegers, 100+ Bonaparte's Gulls, 7 Black
Skimmers, and 3 Common Eiders. Reduced numbers of gulls and terns continue
to occupy the "rips" off Cape May Pt. at times, and these flocks played
host to a slightly tardy Common Tern this morning.


Tom Reed
Reed's Beach NJ
coturnicops at gmail dot com

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