Date: 11/5/17 6:29 pm
From: Ted Floyd <tedfloyd57...>
Subject: [cobirds] Mo BoCo SnoGo
Hey, all. An update. Andrew Floyd and I saw more *snow geese* after my
posting from earlier today--additional flocks of at least 286, 75, 95, and
244 overflying Greenlee Preserve, so another 700. I think that number will
increase when or if I commit to the eyestrain of counting up all the birds
in the videos. Anyhow, the goose passage over Greenlee Preserve this
afternoon was definitely one of the most dramatic VisMig episodes I've ever
witnessed here in bless├Ęd Boulder County. The flight got underway once the
skies cleared this afternoon, and it was still going on within the past
half hour, as I heard another flock whilst sitting in the car in the
parking lot of the King Soopers parking lot (La Croix emergency) in
Lafayette well after sundown. Winds were out of the northeast this
afternoon, and I'm guessing that had something to do with it. But I'm not a
real Bryan Guarente, I just play one on COBirds.

Otherwise, the whole of the Greenlee/Waneka/Hecla ecological complex,
eastern Boulder County, was decidedly birdy this unsettled fall-back
Sunday. 54 species, a field goal more than...never mind. In addition to the
previously mentioned snow geese, *Ross goose,* and *cackling geese: wood
duck, bufflehead, hooded merganser, killdeer, Wilson snipe, mountain
chickadee, bushtit, red-breasted nuthatch, brown creeper, ruby-crowned
kinglet,* and *Audubon warbler.*

Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County

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