Date: 11/5/17 5:59 pm
From: Jack E. Solomon <00000003433c95af-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Deer Valley Lake, Somerset County
Sue Solomon was at Deer Valley Lake, Somerset County, at the foot of My. Davis, the highest point in this commonwealth.Common Loon 3Ruddy Duck 21Hooded Merganser 25American Coot 2Pied-billed 1Mallard 1
Jack Solomon

No civilized person should read any further.
Susie doesn't like to type, and hates technology, so I usually report her data when she birds without me. She was at Deer Valley YMCA Camp Saturday and Sunday as a volunteer for their Work Weekend. The very title of the event discourages me. 
I managed to go to the PSO Outing Saturday at the Allegheny Front Hawk  Watch.  Got a beautiful young woman to chauffeur me there and back. Great Day. Chad was a SUPERfine leader and got us lotsa' raptors. And I got into Tom Kuehl's pants. Publicly, in front of everyone. Ask him to explain about that.

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