Date: 11/5/17 5:28 pm
From: Pam Hunt <biodiva...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Concord November Challenge Results
Greetings all,

This weekend was the tenth annual holding of the "Concord November
Challenge," an attempt to see as many species as possible in the City of
Concord over the first full weekend in November. This year's event came on
the heels of an unusually warm fall, and this probably helped us get a
higher than predicted 88 species over the two days. The complete annotated
list is below:

Canada Goose

Wood Duck


American Black Duck - Turkey Pond on Sat afternoon

Green-winged Teal - a couple of places

Ring-necked Duck - from Carter Hill Hawk Watch on Sat afternoon

Common Goldeneye - Turtle Pond

Bufflehead - Turtle Pond

Hooded Merganser

Common Merganser

Pied-billed Grebe - at least four for the weekend

Rock Pigeon

Mourning Dove

American Coot - one at Morrill's Farm, third record for CNC


Greater Yellowlegs - four at Morrill's Farm, third record for CNC

Pectoral Sandpiper - Turkey Pond on Sat afternoon, second record for CNC

Common Snipe - three at Morrill's

American Woodcock - one at Carter Hill

Ring-billed Gull

Herring Gull

Common Loon

Great Blue Heron

Turkey Vulture

Bald Eagle

Northern Harrier - good flight at Carter Hill

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk - very good flight at Carter Hill

Red-tailed Hawk

Great Horned Owl - Turtle Pond at dawn on Sat

Belted Kingfisher

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

Pileated Woodpecker


Peregrine Falcon - Horseshoe Pond Sun morning

Blue Jay

American Crow

Common Raven

Horned Lark - still scarce, but five at Morrill's

Black-capped Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Red-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch

Brown Creeper

Winter Wren

Marsh Wren - Turtle Pond: NEW for CNC

Carolina Wren

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet - several scattered across town

Eastern Bluebird

Hermit Thrush - at least three found on Sun after being missed Sat

American Robin

Gray Catbird - W Portsmouth St on Sun

Northern Mockingbird

European Starling

Cedar Waxwing

House Sparrow

American Pipit - Morrill's

Purple Finch

House Finch

Pine Siskin

American Goldfinch

Lapland Longspur - flyover at Morrill's Sun

Snow Bunting

American Tree Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow

Field Sparrow - Merrill Park on Sun

Savannah Sparrow

Fox Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Lincoln's Sparrow - Morrill's on Sun

Swamp Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow

Dark-eyed Junco

Red-winged Blackbird

Brown-headed Cowbird

Rusty Blackbird

Common Grackle

Black-and-white Warbler - Bouchard Nurseries on Sunday: NEW for CNC

Nashville Warbler - off Loudon Road on Saturday: NEW for CNC

Pine Warbler - SINGING along River Road in Penacook on Sunday

Palm Warbler - two at Birch St Gardens on Sat

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Five species of warblers! Take THAT Seacoast!)

Northern Cardinal

Our cumulative total over ten years now stands at 127 species

As usual there were a few misses, but one rises far above the others, even
attaining legendary status. Unless a report comes out of the woodwork soon,
2017 will go down in the history books as "The Year We Couldn't Find A Wild
Turkey." The tale will be sung by bards across the realm, and who knows,
maybe someone will even bid for the movie rights. And now you all know why
we call it a challenge!

Less dramatic misses were Ruffed Grouse, Double-crested Cormorant, and
Barred Owl, each of which had been recorded on at least six of the nine
previous CNCs.

The CNC wouldn't be possible without all the people who help out each year.
This time there were 22 of us, including five who were new to the event.
Special thanks go out to Becky and Mark Suomala, who along with yours truly
have participated every year.

Pam Hunt

Becky Suomala

Mark Suomala

Bob Quinn

Dave Howe

Stan McCumber

Pat Myers

Andrea Robbins

Doreen Lania

Zeke Cornell

Phil Brown

Jane Hills

Crawford Lyons

George Robbins

Brenda Dyment

Dylan Jackson

Amanda Kallenbach

Unity Dienes

Jack Swatt

Mike Thompson

Ken Klapper

Penny Verville

"The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have not viewed
the world."

- Alexander von Humboldt

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