Date: 11/5/17 3:27 pm
From: Phil Pickering <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Boiler Bay
7:00-9:00 (11/5):overcast wind NW 10-25everything moving south
Decent but distant and spread out loon flight,steady 60-400/min
visible with most moving inclumps from 1 mile out to the limit of
visibility.Possibly seeing inner edge of larger movement.
3000+ Red-throated Loon15000+ Pacific Loon300+ Common Loon10
Red-necked Grebe4 Western Grebe1 Northern Fulmar (close in pale)3+
pale-bellied tubenose sp.600+ dark tubenose sp. (probable mix of
Fulmars and Sooty/Short-tailed S on the horizon)2 Double-crested
Cormorant20 Pelagic Cormorant15 Brandt's Cormorant2 Northern Pintail2
Long-tailed Duck (pair swimming S)25 Black Scoter90 White-winged
Scoter400 Surf Scoter11 Red-breasted Merganser3 Bonaparte's Gull60 Mew
Gull300 California Gull2 Herring Gull40 Western Gull600+ larus sp.180
Heermann's Gull50 Common Murre1 Pigeon Guillemot4 Ancient Murrelet62
Cassin's Auklet (scattered S)30 Rhinoceros Auklet (S)

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