Date: 11/5/17 3:03 pm
From: Erika Wilson <terika88...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Sierra Vista EOP--05 Nov 2017
Hi, birders,

A dozen of us walked the Sierra Vista EOP dikes today, with visitors from
AK and WA. Our group tally was 67 species at the end of the morning, with
one new species added to the EOP Sunday group data.

A Pine Siskin flew overhead early in the morning, giving its characteristic
call. This is a new species for the EOP Sunday group, although there is one
other record in eBird, a mid-February (? year) count of 2 birds.

Other highlights this morning included: a) the arrival of two female
Bufflehead, the first of the winter; b) a single lingering Barn Swallow; c)
and a five wren sweep (Rock, House, Marsh, Bewick's, and Cactus Wrens).

There were plenty of ducks in the flooded grasses at Moson Road, mostly Am.
Wigeon, as well as N. Pintail, and Green-winged Teal. Shorebirds were
limited to single Killdeer and Least Sandpiper, but rails were again very
vocal, calling tantalizingly close, with Virginia Rail (7) and Sora (5)
lurking. An immature Com. Gallinule was spotted among the Am. Coots.

Falcons were out, with at least two different Merlins, one of the Prairie
race, several Am. Kestrels, and a very dark Peregrine Falcon. Up to five N.
Harriers were in the air at once, along with Cooper's Hawk and Red-tailed
Hawk. Small flocks of both Horned Larks and Am. Pipits were seen, and two
dozen Gambel's Quail flushed from the shrubbery along the dike at Moson

Cheers, Erika Wilson

Erika Wilson, Sierra Vista, AZ

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