Date: 11/5/17 2:45 pm
From: Tom SHANE <tom.shane...>
Subject: Nuthatches
I have been reading all the excitement from many posts about the ongoing finch invasion, especially Crossbills of several types. Marie and Jamie Osterbuhr had a Purple Finch here in Garden City on Friday, 3 Nov.

I have only read on ksbirds-l, about nuthatches several times. As of today we are up to 3 Red-breasted and 2 White-breasted Nuthatches. The people in eastern Kansas think I'm a little confused, but just check out the eastern fourth of Kansas compared to the western end of KS on the WBNU, in (Busby and Zimmerman. 2001. Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas). They are not common out here, and we are excited when we get a pair that stay the winter.

Our first RBNU arrived on the 17th of AUG 2017 this year, and our first WBNU was first observed in our yard on 17 OCT 2017.

Does anyone else have Nuthatches?

Good bird watching,
Tom Shane
Garden City

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