Date: 11/5/17 2:10 pm
From: matt V. <fickity...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] WOOD THRUSH and PYRR continue
Good afternoon. I’ve visited Dateland first thing this morning.
Initially, efforts to locate anything good we’re hampered by a visiting
birder. If they run the drip irrigation at Dateland, and you station
yourself in the middle of the citrus garden being watered wearing a
gleaming white sweatshirt, 5feet away from the drip? You aren’t going to
see anything and neither will any of the rest of us. Thankfully after
that person moved on, the birds came right in and my trip was made
I sighted the WOOD THRUSH on three separate occasions. Also present
and continuing, Mr. Strand’s first County record PYRRHULOXIA! And this
time? Photos were obtained!
Heading home, I ducked into growler pond. My efforts were rewarded by
locating a single SNOW GOOSE alongside a GREATER WHITE FRONTED GOOSE!
Pretty amazing considering we haven’t seen any geese all season yet?

more next week…


Matt Victoria
Mesa del Sol
Yuma, AZ 85367

My photos can be seen here:

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