Date: 11/5/17 1:17 pm
From: glen <gtaylor22...>
Subject: [obol] baskett slough solitary sandpiper
I returned to the same location of my sighting yesterday, but unfortunately, was unable to relocate the sandpiper. Still plenty of killdeer and Wilson's snipes though. Can't be 100% positive it was a solitary without confirming photos. Looked at online pics of wood and green sandpipers and can't rule any out for sure. The sandpiper I saw was identical to a fall juvenile solitary in the Kaufman field guide I use which is how I made my final decision. Other online photos are similar. Guess I should have reported as possible solitary and not definite. My apologies.

If anyone would like to have a go at it, the exact location is pinpointed on the map at this link.,-123.2643068,17z

Far south end of Livermore Rd. where the road curves near the barn. At the north end of the curve the field on the east side is filled with puddles and haven to many killdeer and snipes.

On the positive side, returning today wasn't a complete waste of time. I found a horned lark amid a flock of American Pipits in a field on the west side of Livermore Rd. at the far north end. And a rough-legged hawk was sitting atop a telephone pole at the corner of Livermore and Bethel Rds. Fuzzy pics of it moving to the next pole can be seen here:

It then flew south perhaps a 1/2 mile to a large oak tree in the middle of a field.

Glen Taylor

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