Date: 11/4/17 9:13 pm
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Subject: [LACoBirds] "white" (Snow/Ross's) type Goose, at Lake Balboa
I went over to Lake Balboa this afternoon to check out the resident Ross's Geese there.
I photographed one of the birds (limping bird associating with Canada/Domestic hybrid and domestic Graylag), and felt it seemed a little bit off. The bill seemed on the long side, and some aspects of body structure just didn't seem right for pure Ross's.
I was wondering if this bird might be some sort of backcross between Snow and Ross's, or if it's genetic ancestry had been decided a while ago. Either way if some experts could weigh in that would be greatly appreciated.
All photos can be seen on my ebird checklist:
Good birding
Samuel Bressler
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