Date: 11/4/17 8:34 pm
From: Jay Withgott <withgott...>
Subject: [obol] 4 Snow Buntings - Clatsop Co.

Hi OBOL --

Today Susan and I walked the beach from Cannon Beach south past Tolovana to where the headland blocks the sand at Silver Point. As we lingered at this southernmost point before turning around, a flock of four passerines approached, flying along the beach from the north. As they passed right by us, we could see large white patches in the basal portion of the upperwings, and areas of rusty brown color on the dorsal parts. SNOW BUNTINGS! The birds looked as if they wanted to land, but continued and disappeared around the headland, and given the rain and wind and waves and slick rock, we decided not to risk life and limb pursuing them. Only when I got home and looked at a map did I realize that we were just below Silver Point and its turnoff from Hwy 101 at the time. We have no idea, however, whether the birds stopped near there or how much further they might have flown.

A late Osprey was also in the area. And in the "One-that-got-away" category, I caught glimpses of a very white-and-black waterbird flying south that made me think "male Common Eider" -- but it was largely hidden and then lost behind the swell, and perhaps it was a Common Merganser or something else. But folks in the Tolovana area or southward may wish to keep half an eye out for it.

Jay Withgott

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