Date: 11/4/17 6:28 pm
From: Fred Shaffer <glaucousgull...>
Subject: [MDBirding] American Golden Plovers, Redstart at Eastern Neck NWR
I had a great day at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge today, hiking some of the trails in the morning and kayaking in the afternoon. A lot of birds were on and over the water, and I had decent numbers of passerines as well. In the morning, I hiked the Boxes Point Trail and the Wildlife Trail, with stops at the Butterfly Bayview Trail, Tubby Cove and Calfpasture Cove.  A lot of birds (tern and gulls) were present in the shallows just past the bridge onto the island as well. In the afternoon, I kayaked from Bogles Wharf to Hail Point and back.  Highlights from the day included two American Golden Plovers. The plovers were perched on the rocks along the shore just south of Shipyard Creek. I got quite close to them in my kayak, getting good views of the whitish supercillium, brown cap, dark auriculars and relatively thin bill. Also of note while I kayaked was a group of four flyby Sanderlings over the Chester River. From land, I had 11 Bonaparte's Gulls in the shallows just past the bridge and an American Redstart along the Boxes Point Trail.  Ducks were starting to arrive as well, with scaup, Bufflehead, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Black Ducks and Ruddy Ducks in Calfpasture Cove. I also found some Buffleheads, 1 male Canvasback and 1 male Redhead. Also of note was a late Caspian Tern, a calling Pine Warbler in the Loblolly Pines along the Boxes Point Trail and two groups of Brown-headed Nuthatch. Good birding,
Fred <ShafferGlaucousGull...>, Anne Arundel

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