Date: 11/4/17 6:21 pm
From: Thomas W. Reed <coturnicops...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Cape May, 4 Nov - White Pelican, robins, waterbirds
Hi all -

There was an obvious surge of nocturnal migrants statewide Friday night,
though birds were primarily on a NE->SW trajectory, favoring inland areas
over the coast. Nevertheless, Cape May Pt. played host to a lively songbird
flight during the early-AM, headlined by ca. 60,000 American Robins. This
morning's movement also featured fair diversity for the date and included a
rather late American Redstart, at least 2 Dickcissels, 7+ Blackpoll
Warblers, a Bobolink, 2 Snow Buntings, and a Lapland Longspur.

The Am. White Pelican put in its final appearance over Cape May Pt. this
morning, soaring with Turkey Vultures for a while before eventually
departing sw. across Delaware Bay. Another strong waterbird flight was seen
from Avalon, featuring nearly 47,000 total birds (

Other odds and ends included a Cliff and multiple Barn Swallows at Cape May
Pt. (apparently no Caves today), 2 Redheads at the South Cape May Meadows,
and 2 Vesper Sparrows at the Rea Farm. Several Parasitic Jaegers remain in
the "rips" off Cape May Pt.


Tom Reed
Reed's Beach NJ
coturnicops at gmail dot com

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