Date: 11/4/17 5:02 pm
From: John & Wendy Cassady <jcassady...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Lakefront 11/4 Barn Owl, Audubon's Warbler, Red Crossbill, Common Redpoll
Though the weather was dark, gloomy and often wet, the birding company and birds were quite enjoyable on the Lakefront today.I joined Annie Aguirre, Matt Beatty, Bob Guth, Kathy McClain, Jeff McCoy, Randy Pals, Kristin Stratton, Tanner Troyer, Lynn Vernon, and Sara and Adam Wilson (along with many others throughout the day) as we birded several sites.  Highlights included all three scoters, Long-tailed Ducks, Red-throated Loons, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Barn Owl, Merlin, Red Crossbills, Common Redpolls, and the recently re-split Audubon's Warbler.
We started at Dunes State Park looking for Crossbills and stayed for a lakewatch:Wood Duck 2Am. Wigeon 2N. Shoveler 2Redhead 2Ring-necked Duck 2Greater Scaup 15Lesser Scaup 42Bufflehead 10Red-breasted Merganser 22Surf Scoter 1Black Scoter 1White-winged Scoter 14 (including a single flock of 13)Common Loon 18Red-throated Loon 2Horned Grebe 20Bonaparte's Gull 21Lesser Black-backed Gull 1 (1st cycle)Cooper's Hawk 1Merlin 1Hairy Woodpecker 1Northern Flicker 2Blue Jay 2Red-breasted Nuthatch 2Golden-crowned Kinglet 3 (including one that briefly rested inside Jeff's car!)Brown Creeper 1Am. Robin 6Am. Pipit 4DE Junco 6Common Redpoll 2 (flew over the entrance gate lot.)Red Crossbill 72 (we started seeing numerous flocks soon after dawn around the entrance gate and out on the beach parking lot.  72 is a conservative estimate.)
Beverly Shores Lakeview:Common Loon 4Downy Woodpecker 1Black-capped Chickadee 1Blue Jay 2
Hammond Bird Sanctuary:BARN OWL 1(first found by Carolyn Marsh and relocated again today by Matt Kalwasinski and Michael Topp.  It was tucked in to deep cover near the east end, fast asleep.  Fairly large owl with golden-brown upperparts, white breast, and heart-shaped white face)Golden-crowned Kinglet 6Brown Creeper 1Winter Wren 1Am. Robin 6Gray Catbird 1Myrtle Warbler 3AUDUBON'S WARBLER 1 (Two fairly large warblers landed at the top of a sapling while we were watching the Barn Owl.  Both birds were the same size and were identified as yellow-rumped warblers based on their dark upperparts, dark faces, black-streaked flanks with yellow backgrounds, white bellies, and distinctive call notes.  One bird had a YELLOW THROAT.  They quickly flew east out of sight.  Fortunately, Annie also identified the Audubon's before they flew.)DE Junco 3White-crowned Sparrow 1White-throated Sparrow 1Fox Sparrow 1Am. Goldfinch 1
Miller Beach (Randy and Lynn):Long-tailed Duck 2 (M & F)Horned Grebe 3Common Loon 3DC Cormorant 3
Hammond:Great Egret 1
Michigan City Harbor:Herring Gull 35Ring-billed Gull 40

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