Date: 11/4/17 3:44 pm
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Subject: [NBB] Jenner Headlands Preserve Hawkwatch report. Sat Nov 4TH.
Saturday 11/04/17 Hawkwatch results.
First off the weather may of frightened off some Hawkwatchers, but 3 intrepid Hawkwatchers climbed the hill to count the mighty migration creatures. It was sunny with beautiful fluffy clouds scattered here and there. Windy 8-15mph gusting higher, a cold North wind! But that didn't stop Don Jackson or Alan Glazier from joining me.

We Observed:
Turkey Vulture) 56
White-tailed Kite) 3
Northern Harrier) 6. 2 males.
Sharp-shinned Hawk) 1
Cooper's Hawk) 2
Red-tailed Hawk) 54
Ferruginous Hawk) 8
American Kestrel) 10
Peregrine Falcon) 2

It was a great day! The adult Peregrine Falcon showed us why they are the Masters of the Sky. It dove repeatedly on multiple birds, but the best was watching it go after one of the juvenile Ferruginous Hawks, causing the FEHA to wheel upside down! The resident Red-tails were also quite agitated today steep stoop diving on interloping migrating Red-tailed Hawks!
We had clear skies giving us views all the way to the Farallon Islands!
We also observed 1 skein of Geese far off shore flying South. Canada of White-fronted to my eyes, they were quite a ways out there!
Because of my work schedule i will not be able to go this Wednesday Nov 8TH, but may try Friday Nov 10TH?
Dave Barry
Santa Rosa

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