Date: 11/4/17 2:52 pm
From: Ruth Stearns <ruthstearns...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Cass, Sarpy, Saunders whirlwind trip (in eBird)
With the report from Sam Manning that the RTLoon was still at Base Lake, Mike and I decided early this morning to make a day of it, and we headed first to the Plattsmouth Cemetery, where Mike found the Red Crossbills more towards the south end of the cemetery.   Eventually we watched them at that SE portion, and then headed west and we were watching them there again.   What was different was they weren't making any vocalizations, and they weren't obviously in the pines, more nestled in the branches, so they were harder to notice.   They were fun to listen to, cracking and crunching pine seeds!  The brush piles yielded some nice Harris and WT Sparrows and a singing Carolina Wren.  Besides the crossbills (about 7 at the most seen) was the RB Nuthatch, also new for Cass county.   A nice start to the morning.
We did a quick scan of Base Lake and immediately found the Red-throated Loon, diving for fish, caught one, flew around the lake a few times before settling back down.  The loon was new for Sarpy county, obviously!
Then headed to Lake Wanahoo, as I hadn't yet seen a Common Loon this year.   Before I found him at the last stop of our circuit of the lake (SE Corner) we stopped at the new blind on the north side of the lake, off O street.   Mike was admiring the sun shade, and I was telling him it was in the shape of an American Bittern I believe, while I was scoping the water and the marsh edge,  when there was an American Bittern!   Too funny.   The Bittern and the loon were new for Saunders County.   
Nice day out for sure...
Ruthie StearnsLincoln, NE  
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