Date: 11/4/17 1:11 pm
From: Justin Rink <spindalis79...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Douglas Co. - W-w Dove, Etc.
  On 11/1 I paid a visit to Jon and Rachel Hall in search of their White-winged Dove (an elusive county nemesis of mine).  After a few waves of feeder birds and a couple rounds of perched Accipiters, the WHITE-WINGED DOVE finally made an appearance at 12:56pm.
  On my way back I stopped briefly at Lake Zorinsky.  While scanning for a brief time, a flock of seven RED CROSSBILLS flew over.  
  During the afternoon I made my way to Carter Lake-  A few species included....
-1 Lesser Scaup
-26 Hooded Merganser
-5 Bonaparte's Gull (FOS)
-18 Ring-billed Gull
-1 Herring Gull (1st cycle)
-1 Yellow-rumped Warbler

With the sun beginning to sink in the west, I zipped over to Bennington Lake.
-3 Cackling Goose (FOS)
-11 Northern Shoveler
-20 Redhead
-2 Ruddy Duck
-4 Franklin's Gull
-500 Ring-billed Gull
-5 Herring Gull (3 first cycle, 1 second cycle, 1 adult)

I tried my luck at Lauritzen Gardens hoping for a Red Crossbill.  However, their inventory of flora focuses mainly on deciduous trees and herbaceous perennials, leaving little room for cone-yielding conifers.  I did however find an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER among 27 species.
  I tromped around Forest Lawn Cemetery during the afternoon.  A noticeable decrease in RED CROSSBILLS was observed when compared to the immense numbers last week.  I only discovered eleven (11) RED CROSSBILLS.  It seems that House Finches have now taken the place of these birds, as these finches were quite numerous.  
  I ended up tallying 31 species, but I had to diligently work for them.  Among these were both KINGLETS, WINTER WREN, TUFTED TITMOUSE, and a heard only YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER.  
If you wish, you can view these lists in detail on eBird.
Good birding.
Justin RinkMidtown Omaha, Douglas Co., <NEspindalis79...>

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