Date: 11/4/17 10:53 am
From: DAVID <patick...>
Subject: Rte. 2 Birding
Janet Keating, Mike Griffith and I did some birding this am along Rte. 2 in Cabell and Mason County and  later met Gary Rankin at the Locks after he saw the Dunlin. Enclosed is a link to pics of the Dunlin seen. Some of the birds seen were:
Gallipolis Ferry:
Green-winged Teal-11
Ring-necked Duck-21
Ruddy Duck-1
Horned Lark-3
Shady Waters Campground:
Wood Duck-5
Hooded Merganser-1
Ruddy Duck-2
RCB Locks:
Ruddy Duck-2
Pied-billed Grebe-3
Double-crested Cormorant-14
Northern Harrier-1
Red-shouldered Hawk-1
Vesper Sparrow-1
Savannah Sparrow-4
Palm Warbler-1 by Gary Rankin
Green-winged Teal-1
Northern Harrier-1
Marsh Wren-1
Savannah Sparrow-4
Greenbottom WMA:
Wood Duck-6
American Wigeon-3
Hooded Merganser-2
American Coot-12
David Patick,
Huntington, WV 25701
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