Date: 11/4/17 9:49 am
From: Eric Horvath <horvath...>
Subject: [obol] Newport Costa Hummingbird
Hi Obolers

Saturday 4 November 2017. The male Costas Hummingbird is still coming regularly to the feeder at 311 SE 35th, South Beach, Lincoln County, OR. I think pretty much everyone who came by saw it and got good photos. Mr. Costa is present today, saturday. If you come by please attend to the previous attendance suggestions of parking, and be prepared for a little wait, and some attentive searching.

Regarding the voice. I hear Annas Hummingbirds singing a lot in the neighborhood. to me their song is fairly easily audible and obvious. Mr. Costa, our feeder bird, does sing, but to me he is much quieter than the Annas Hummingbirds. Mostly I see him and do not hear him. Perhaps he is singing out of my range of hearing, or perhaps he is genuinely quieter.

To me I have not yet seen anything about the appearance of plumage or size to indicate hybrid. Photographers: let us know if your photo reveals some hybrid appearance. The gorget color sometimes is not purple: it can look royal blue at times. But these gorget reflections are well known to vary on many hummingbird species, it has to do with reflected light and the angle that you happen to be viewing from.

Our other winter feeder bird, who we call Piglet, is an Orange-crowned Warbler. Piglet appeared in the shrubbery yesterday but has not started coming to drink yet from the feeder the way he was a regular for the last 4 winters.

Of additional interest, I will be the naturalist on board a Whale Watching trip to Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California, March of next year. This is a trip through the OSU Marine Mammal Institute. We are going to start and end in San Diego, travel south looking at murrelets and whales, going into Laguna San Ignacio to see (and pat on the head) the gray whales, 26 Feb-6 Mar 2018. The trip is currently half full, and so sign up soon before it fills. We will spend a lot of time on the bow of the boat and can expect to see a lot of great seabirds including Craveris and Scripps Murrelets. The trip is a fundraiser for the OSU Marine Mammal Institute. The boat is the Royal Polaris. <>

—Eric Horvath

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