Date: 11/4/17 8:39 am
From: Michael Foster <mfoster...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Great White Fronted goose and Cackling Goose, North Springfield
I have been visiting a small pond regularly all year and went to check on a small duck I saw 2 days ago that I thought was a female Green Winged Teal but it was too dark for a positive ID. There were over 100 Canada Geese there and while scanning them with my scope and counting them I came across the Great White Fronted goose that I have seen here a few days ago and a small goose that really caught my eye. So much so, that I snapped several pics. I have never seen a Cackling Goose, so I am not positive of the ID, but I am pretty sure. Much smaller size than the Canadas, smaller bill and head and a rounded head compared to the Canadas. I posted my pics of both birds on my checklist. I would appreciate it if better birders than I could confirm my ID of the Cackling. If its not, I’ll change the checklist. <>

Michael Foster
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