Date: 11/3/17 11:22 am
From: <ericwalters7...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Wilmette's Gillson Park on Nov 3rd
This early morning, I hoped for some waterfowl flights on the north winds. There were appetizers, pretty much all the expected later fall species (loons, Horned grebe, scaup, bufflehead, goldeneye, RB mergansers), but in small numbers and quite far out over the Lake.
Best species was Black Scoter, one flying south close to shore, then about 10 minutes later, a female type flying north with a Bufflehead, also close to shore. That was a nice comparison that I, Alan Stokie and Jeff Sanders were able to enjoy. They stayed later, perhaps even finding other highlights.

West of there, at Skokie Memorial Cemetery (east of Hwy 94), there are many spruce with cones, so if WW Crossbills come south, this place should be checked. Not many pines and few cones, seemingly not likely to hold Red's for long if they do visit. I wasn't even getting a single bird, despite the ok conditions and wondering why, until I finally saw what could have been the main reason - an adult male Merlin perched at the top of a dead tree, on the lookout for a passerine lunch.

Eric Walters
Grandview, MO/Zion, IL
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