Date: 11/3/17 8:03 am
From: bmknj16 . <bmknj17...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Nuthatches aggressive
I volunteer at Cheesequake State Park and when food is distributed
regularly in winter, the feeding area just outside the nature center is
very to extremely busy with birds. The nuthatches--and there are many--are
without question the most aggressive species there, posturing in various
ways to assert dominance even when there is plenty of food and plenty of
space on the platforms. The red-bellieds and blue jays may intimidate by
their mere presence but the nuthatches are very often kinda jerks... You
can see some of their amusing postures here...

That said, that posturing and the proximity of the feeders make for
exceptional winter feeder bird photography. Though I'm not there feeding
them like I used to be, here's a reminder for anyone who might be
interested (And I'm willing if I can to prep the feeders as often as
possible if anyone is)...

Brett Klaproth

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