Date: 11/2/17 9:36 pm
From: Paul Evans <paulevansdo...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Ankeny NWR Bonaparte's Gull
Stopped at Ankeny at 5:00pm today. Last week I saw 3 black phoebes both at
Eagle Marsh and at Pintail Marsh.
This evening it was 51 degrees, light winds, dreary overcast with a rainbow
in the distance, and occasional light showers. I saw six tundra swans at
Pintail marsh lightly calling or tucking their heads under their wings as
they floated in the middle of the pond. We saw 2 red shouldered hawks
flying as a pair and two red tailed hawks sitting on electrical poles or in
bare branched trees.
Suddenly, an adult bald eagle came down from an electrical pole and swooped
into the pond that was filled with coots and many ducks. The eagle seemed
to herd the coots into a crowded line with about fifty or so rapidly
scattering away as a group to avoid the hunting eagle. He made about 12
passes without catching any coots, dipping to about a foot off the water
without touching it, then flashing his white tail and swooping back to
altitude in a repeating loop pattern. He landed on a snag in the water,
rested for about five minutes, then started again. After another 5 passes
he suddenly dipped to the water and snagged a coot from the pack in his
talons. He flew back to the top of the pole from which he came, victim
hanging down from his feet, and started to pick at the carcass. Right about
ten feet from him, a red tailed hawk who was perched on the top of the pole
next to the eagle, watched his new friend start the meal. We saw a similar
hunting pattern last week at Pintail Marsh with similar success. Was he
herding the coots in a premeditated pattern? Hard to say but his activity
was successful twice that I have seen.

We also heard shots in the distance from what we guessed was a hunter.
Then an amazing rise of cacklng geese rose over the trees about a half mile
away, loudly yelping as they took wing. We estimated at least ten thousand
were airborne within a minute of the shots we heard.

An amazing sight! All within a 30 minute period during a last minute
stop-by visit. It's the wonder of witnessing events such as these that
keep me always coming back to the enjoyment of birding.

Paul Evans , Salem

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 3:27 PM, Roy Gerig <roygerig...> wrote:

> On the way to Albany where my Mom lives, I stopped at Ankeny. I always
> do. Shortly after I stopped when Marty Cunningham and I were visiting and
> birding, a 1st winter BONAPARTE'S GULL landed for 5 minutes or so at
> Pintail Marsh, it came in for real nice views before it left again a cute
> bird. My disapproval of Gulls only goes to the larger pink legged ones.
> Getting late, 3 BARN SWALLOWS were around..otherwise a dozen DUNLIN seemed
> to be looking for a place to land, but the water is too high for exposed
> mud. Some LEAST Sandpipers similarly
> For awhile now there's been a couple BLACK PHOEBES and imm RED SHOULDERED
> Hawks around..
> Roy Gerig, Salem OR

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