Date: 11/2/17 2:11 pm
From: Windstream Mail <randyc11...>
Subject: Lebanon County - good day birding
Today at 9 am I was in Cornwall along Cornwall Road, in the same high grass
area John Hower and I had first a Winter Wren , than a House Wren , than a
Carolina Wren . The House Wren is a new late date. Then I went to Gov. Dick
Park from 10:30 to about 12:30 at the right side of the center. The temp.
was today from 53 to 70. I found a total of 31 Yellow-rumped Warblers , I
was looking for a mix of warblers, I found a single male Cape-may Warbler
and 2 immature females, a new late date too. Then I found a male
Black-throated Green Warbler, not a new late date. While looking in a
Dogwood Tree I saw female Rose-breasted Grosbeak , also a new late date.
Audrey Wells and I enjoyed the many Kinglets today, mostly Ruby-crowned and
many Yellow-rumps.

Randy C. Miller

Lancaster County
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