Date: 11/2/17 12:58 pm
From: Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Shorebirds.....a Passion
Hi Jersey Birders,
I have a passion for Shorebirds.
I only wish I was better at it, but even when I stink out loud I still
love them.
Any morning I can catch High tide at one of the local Bayshore Jetty's I
forego woodland birding and plant myself on a beach.
I have found if you sit quietly eventually the birds will ignore you and
come in close.
This morning I hit the jetty by 8am and there were hundreds of shorebirds.
Mostly Dunlin but the gang of White-rumped sandpipers still number over a
I apologize for posting pics of them over and over but they are just
The story for this morning though is about a Semipalmated Sandpiper. (SESA).
While walking the jetty I found a peep that I couldn't see any webbing
between the toes.
I shot over 100 shots and reviewed them while I was there.
Still no webbing.
The heart rate went up and I scurried home to upload and process the shots.
It wasn't until shot #98 that I noticed a bulbous tip to the birds bill and
my hopes came crashing down.
That is a great ID point for SESA.
Shot 100 confirmed some very small webbing....and SESA it was.
I have posted 2 pics of the 100 and you can see, or as in this case, can't
see the webbing.
Both shots you can see thru the toes and it just goes to show webbing is
often difficult to see.
I was no more than 15 ft away and even with bins I just couldn't see them.
One of these days I am going to find a Stint.
It's on my Bucket List
Till then.....
Good Shorebirding,
Harvey Tomlinson
Del Haven NJ

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