Date: 11/2/17 11:46 am
From: Jared Del Rosso <jared.delrosso...>
Subject: [cobirds] New Yard Bird (Song Sparrow) - Centennial, CO (Arapahoe)
The absence of Song Sparrows from my suburban, Centennial yard has bemused
me since I moved here in March 2016. On one hand, this bird doesn't seem to
prefer yards and feeders in my area all that much (although Ben Sampson's
yard, farther east than mine, seems to be a veritable Song Sparrow
hotspot). On the other hand, sparrows generally seem to like my yard, owing
to a line of brushy bushes, young trees, and plants that I let go to seed
(even when my neighbor thinks I shouldn't). My hunch was that most of these
birds just don't move much around my area, spending their lives along the
nearby High Line Canal, Big & Little Dry Creeks, and marshes. And any that
are moving around would, I assume, prefer those sort of spots too. (I'm
open to hearing other, better reasoned reasons for the absence of this

In any case, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see this bulky,
familiar sparrows among the juncos, foraging for millet. It made me wonder
if my most recent bit of "landscaping" -- an unruly pile of young Siberian
Elms that I hacked down -- might have contributed to its visit. More
likely, it's just the millet, the seeded catnip, and other, less observable
things (to me, at least) that brought this bird here.

- Jared Del Rosso
Centennial, CO

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