Date: 11/2/17 6:34 am
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Subject: IBET Montrose, Notification of Violations - NO SIGHTINGS
For years there have been daily violations of the ordinances and posted regulations regarding dogs and bicycles at Montrose including the beach, the dunes, and the point. The effort was renewed this year to get the Chicago Park District, Chicago Animal Care and Control, and the Chicago Police Department to enforce the regulations. After months of effort we are finally seeing results from that effort.

On October 19, during a site meeting, the Chicago Police Department issued two citations to dog owners with dogs on Montrose Beach, where they are not permitted at any time, whether on-leash or off-leash.

The following week Chicago Park District Security had a run-in with an aggressive dog owner who refused to leave the beach with his dog, and in fact stood blocking the CPD Security vehicle, and only left when security called the police, at which point the offender fled for his car.

On October 31 Chicago Park District Security personnel escorted five dog violators off the beach. All claimed that they didn’t know that they couldn’t be there with their dogs, at which point security educated them on the dog ordinances and explained that if they violate the ordinances again they will be cited and they can plead their case in court.

There is a CPD Security guard every day, sometimes stationed at the beach house, often parked on the beach immediately adjacent to the dog-friendly area, and the violators are beginning to understand that they cannot continue to violate the prohibition on dogs on the beach with impunity.

Bicycles are also prohibited in the dunes and on the point.

This commitment of resources will not go on forever, so now is the time for us to solve this problem once and for all. In order for this to happen we need all birders and stewards and Montrose users who observe violations to call them into the proper authorities. Please follow this protocol, and call all three parties:

Call Chicago Park District Security at 312-747-2193.

Call Chicago Animal Care and Control at 312-747-1381.

Call Chicago Police Department at 9-1-1 (yes, call the emergency number).

Please enter these numbers in your smart phones for easy reference.

Please be prepared to provide an exact location of the violation (but be patient, some of the dispatchers have no idea where Montrose Beach is, or Montrose Harbor Drive, or the “dog-friendly area,” etc.). Be prepared to provide a description of both the dog(s) and the dog owner(s). Stay around, if possible, until someone shows up, and identify yourself as the person who called in the violation.

If there is no response that is still helpful, as there is a log of calls, including those for which the agencies provided no response or resources, and we can make the argument that adequate resources are not being allocated for enforcement.

We believe we have the attention of all three agencies, and are finally seeing results, but we need every single violation to be called in, both to get a response, and to be on the record in cases where there is no response.

We have actually had recent stretches of several hours no dogs, no bicycles, and no cruisers, a “Hallelujah” day per Luis Munoz, and we’d like “Hallelujah" days to become the new normal.

If you care about migratory birds at Montrose, if you care about natural and native habitat at Montrose, if you care about respect for the law, or if you would prefer birding without birds and natural areas being disturbed by dogs and bicycles, please call in what you see. Thanks.

Ted Wolff
Cook County

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