Date: 11/1/17 5:47 pm
From: Peter Trull <petrull...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Fulmar and Falcons, Nauset
On a quick ride to the tip of Nauset, call it South Beach, Chatham, I found
a weak but alive northern fulmar in the Spartina patens, high marsh. A
beautiful bird which I carried to the outer beach and released over the
breakers. It would’ve died in the marsh, unable to get airborne from the
grass. Fulmars don't typically (can't) stand or walk as they are cliff
nesters, landing on or at the nest, and dropping off the ledge to get
airborne. If it didn’t survive, better on the open sea than in a saltmarsh.
Falcons were evident and I had a beautiful setup in the early sun, using my
truck as a blind. Images of the fulmar, a young peregrine and merlin are
here for you to check out. Also had four eastern meadowlarks, 3 merlin and a
surprising flock of about 300 crows making a racket in the dunes.

Peter Trull

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